Barrie Web Design - Extended Screen Exposure

I know that many of us who work in computer related fields tend to forgo exercise and taking care of yourself.  Don’t wait till it’s too late.  Here are three health effects to consider:

  1. Mind can be overtired due to sleep deprivation. Our generation is being kept awake from instant messages, and staying up late at night using smartphones and laptops. It’s disruptive to our sleeping patterns due to the light from the screen. It basically tells your brain to stay awake.
  2. Nutritional deficiency is a common problem. Convenience foods can keep us at our computers longer. It is becoming harder and harder to take ourselves away from the screen. However, a lot of takeout and packaged foods contain a ton of sugar. Studies have shown that controlling blood sugar, even in non-diabetic adults, can help prevent deterioration in a part of the brain that’s necessary for memory formation.
  3. Lack of exercise may sound impractical when you have low energy levels to begin with. Exercise helps to increase blood flow, which in turn, helps reverse some of the age-related decline in brain function. What’s good for the heart is good for the brain.
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