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Pinterest isn’t an all-or-nothing for the digital marketer.  It is another social tool that allows people to use a different way to find and engage with your products or services.  This new social network is one of the fastest growing websites in history; therefore, the hype surrounding Pinterest should not be ignored.  The visual aspect of this site is what attracts businesses, especially those who have a portfolio of work or a product catalog.

In order to get the most out of Pinterest, I will discuss what Pinterest is, why you should use it as part of your digital marketing strategy, how it can be used to help drive traffic to back your website, and how other businesses are using Pinterest successfully.


Pinterest is a visual social bookmarking site that lets users share photos and videos that they find on the web.  Pins can be setup in separate boards, which can then be categorized and sorted.  Users can follow other Pinterest users and boards.  Images from other websites can easily be pinned using the“Pin it” task bar button on your browser.


Pinterest is very popular with huge traffic going on in the site.  Lots of people are using Pinterest, so it is in your best
(p)interest (pun intended) to utilize this visual bookmarking site to lead potential clients to your website.  As Betsy Kent points out, “website owners are seeing a huge uptick in referral traffic from Pinterest which is great for SEO on your site.”

Pinterest Infographics


Long Skinny Images

Google keywords search is not the only way people are finding products.  They are finding products through referrals, blogs, what they see and stumble on by coming across it through social networking sites.

To use Pinterest effectively, you must engage with your audience to get the best results.  The idea here is that you’re not always just promoting yourself, but you are engaging to position yourself as an authority utilizing visuals as your storyboard.

Along with images, Pinterest uses very minimal text, maximum 500 characters to be exact.  HubSpot Social Media Scientist Dan Zarrella found that from 11,000 pins, “the most re-pinned and commented on items were accompanied by descriptions ranging fro 200-310 words.”  This is important to think about when you are describing your pins.  It’s a balancing act between being concise, having SEO friendly keywords, and using language that customers understand.

Consider re-imagining your product photography from an artistic yet professional perspective. Focus on designing taller images by combining several images together to enhance the story of your product.  Don’t have a physical product?  Infographics are all the rage.  They are eye catching and informative, making them ideal for pinners to repin.

When people pin from Pinterest, it usually comes from the source.  Pinterest
will send you directly to the site from where it was pinned.   Create a call-to-action with a “Click Here” button or a “Repin This” button.  Find ways to integrate text on the images to tease people into discovering and sharing your product or service.

Don’t just use it as a self-promotion tool.  A useful tip from Houssem is that “whenever, you find something interesting on the web that your Pinterest followers might find helpful or enjoyable, don’t hesitate to post it there.”  This helps build a strong following that can help you gain attention.

Starbucks is touted as having an excellent digital marketing strategy. Currently, their Pinterest account contains seven boards that attracted over 87,000 followers. Their boards contain amazing lifestyle imagery with the majority sourced from third-party sites. In contast, Walmart currently hosts 83 boards with just over 23,000 followers with the majority of the boards containing their own product line.

Pinterest Starbucks

Pinterest Walmart


Pinterest is very different in the ways that a brand can engage.  It’s important to give something great for people to pin and share without spamming others with pins of only your own products.  With great product/lifestyle photography as well as compelling calls-to-action, Pinterest will make a great addition to your digital marketing strategy.  You will gain recognition and traffic as a reward.